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a woman drawing water from a well in ancient days.

Unveiling extraordinary grace in a not-so-ordinary life, I rise from the ashes of my past to share a powerful message of redemption and hope.  Join me on this incredible journey of restoration as we discover that no one is beyond the reach of God's love.

Drawing parallels between the struggles faced by a modern-day woman and the biblical story of the woman at the well, powerful revelations about God's Forgiveness and Grace are revealed. 


Regret and Shame to Redemption and Freedom.

Five weddings, four husbands, three children, two choices

one Savior.

She sets her plans for the day. It’s high noon, the sun is hot and while others are resting through the heat of the day, she heads to the well. It’s a daily trip made usually in the coolness of the morning, a social part of a woman’s day. But for her it’s not. For her it was a dreaded part of her day. It was a time she chose to be alone rather than shamed. Arriving at the well she notices a man seated and resting. It’s a Jewish man; it’s Jesus. She’s quiet and keeps to herself. She is well aware of the social differences between the Samaritans and the Jews. She anticipates the direction their conversation, if any, will go. Jesus, tired and thirsty after a long journey, having no means to draw water, asks the Samaritan woman for a drink of water. Imagine what she is thinking, a Jewish man asking a Samaritan woman for a drink of water. She is shocked. She is defensive. Is He mocking her?

I often think about that Samaritan woman who met Jesus at the well.


What was it like for her? She had a shameful history; a tainted past. Not socially accepted by her peers. Rejected. Deemed an adulteress by many. A sinner destined for eternal separation from God.

Prison of Worthlessness

"As I backed myself into the bush alongside the road, keeping the house in distant view, I could feel the branches piercing my back like taunting jabs mocking my every move. I adjusted my baby on my hip, dropped our overnight bags to the ground and waited”

...I didn’t have to stay in the abusive relationship trying to validate my worth but because I wasn’t able to believe my true worth, my worthlessness became my hopeless prison.

Pray Not Prey

"Why am I angry? "I am angry because my stupid car isn’t working properly and now I am late for the appointment. I am angry because if I wasn’t such a screw up I would have made better choices and could afford to fix my car. If I wasn’t such a screw up, I wouldn't be so financially strapped, trying to make ends meet; I would have a nice car, a nice job and a nice husband. I hate myself! No wonder I am in the situation I am in, I am nothing but a screw up! I hate myself!! I AM SO ANGRY!!!!"”

...See what happened? The lie “you are a screw up” was just waiting on the sidelines. It was well rehearsed and memorized ...

Giving Up!

"Is this white flag I am flying a sign that I have truly given up? YES! Yes, it is.

I just don’t care anymore!... It just … doesn’t … matter!

At first it was quite alarming.

It took me weeks of soul searching to really understand exactly what had been going on. I thought maybe I was depressed. Not caring just seemed so unnatural."

The worldly accolades have lost their appeal.  What is gained if I achieve all this validation of my worth? Who is watching? Who is impressed? Oh yay! Look at me go!! I have a pretty home, aren’t I clever...

sketch of a stone well.

Understand the

parable of

"The Woman at the Well"

sketch of a bible

Read the full scripture of the parable;

"The Woman at the Well"

sketch of a woman kneeling in tears

Know the pain and

the shame?

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