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It was a year ago today God told me it was time to start "telling my story." And on that very day, I began my ministry.  

I said “yes” to God’s prompting.  

I said “yes” to His ask.  

An ask that wasn’t easy.  

An ask that meant making myself vulnerable. 

An ask that meant sharing my story of shame to a world of people I didn’t know.

An ask that meant risking ridicule.

An ask that meant investing my time and resources.

An ask that meant I had to trust Him.

BUT!!!  That “yes” has multiplied beyond belief!

That “yes” has changed my life beyond belief!

Today, I am watching the calendar, counting the days until I take ownership of the HOPE Centre!

The ministry that began a year ago today has catapulted me into a new ministry that, if I might say, “is blowing my mind!!”

On February 15, 2024, I take ownership of a building that will be transformed into the HOPE Centre. And I am so incredibly honoured to be placed in this role for such a time as this. (here’s a little preview of what God is doing with my “yes” -

I want to encourage you to say “yes” to God.  Whatever it may be.  God will take that “yes” and bless your life beyond belief!  God will honour your obedience.  God will honour your faith with action.

Today as I look back a year ago remembering my obedient “yes” I reminisce with excitement.  Excitement for what lies ahead as He continues to multiply the Harvest from that “yes.”

God is so good. 

His love for us is immeasurable. 

You can trust Him. 

Say “yes”.

Matthew 25:14-30

Blessings ♥

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