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The Spiritual Marker booklet is a place to record God's faithfulness.


Time has a way of fading memories.  As you journey through your next lesson in the valley, memories of the Mountain top may diminish.  I encourage you to record those special moments.

God will take you through a life time of mountain and valley experiences,  each with their blessings; each with their lessons.  And, although it’s the mountain tops you long to be on, it is through the valley experiences you grow.  As you trust Him, He faithfully leads you through those valleys, and in His timing, you again celebrate the victories on the mountain top.


Capture those moments; those moments resting in the shadow of His wings.


Included in the Spiritual Marker booklet are thirteen sections to fill out details of different spiritual markers where God has been faithfull through your journey.  Also included is a section for your name, date and favourite scripture along with a couple additional scirptures and words of encouragement.


The Spiritual Marker can be passed down as an heirloom documenting God's faithfullness through generations.

Spiritual Markers - Recalling God's Faithfulness

SKU: TMS0201
  • SIZE:

    5.25" wide x 8.5" high

    Cover - Velvet Touch Coating

  • $5.00 flat rate


Thank you for your purchase today. 

Proceeds from your purchase go directly back into the Kingdom, spreading the gospel.

"He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."  Mark 16:15

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